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Trash Collection

Trash Day is Thursday.

Other things to know about trash collection in McNeill Farms:

Bulk items will not be picked up with regular trash.
Owners with bulk items needing to be picked up need to call RUMPKE 1-800-828-8171.
Give McNeil Farms account Number 19-19831
The representative will get their address and take payment up front for Bulk items (the standard cost for Bulk will be $15.00 per item)

Trash is not to be put out until the night before pick up.

Residents are required to put away their trash container the evening of trash collection day.

Trash containers must be stored either in the garage or behind the unit out of site from the front of the building (they are not permitted on the sides/ends of the building).

To replace a damaged trash can, call Rumpke, 1-800-828-8171. Give the rep McNeill's account number 19-19831.