Condominium Association

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Board of Directors

McNeill Farms is governed by a homeowners association consisting of each home owner in the community. The association is a non-profit organization with the purpose of maintaining the common areas of the community such as the clubhouse & pool, exteriors of all buildings, roads, green space and landscaping.

A Board of Directors, consisting of (6) unit owners, the purpose of the board is to provide leadership and make decisions on behalf of the association.

Board members are elected to these voluntary positions at the annual homeowners meeting held during the month of May. Access to any board member should be made through Jody Rine / or 799-9800 #17. Please do not contact them at their personal residences.

Current Board Members:

John DeRoche - President

Cindy Reid - Treasurer

Theresa Uher - Secretary

Mary Beth Bennish - Director

Joe Lesko - Director

Regina Harper - Director